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Civil Engineering

Our Civil Engineering staff has broad experience in water resources, site development and infrastructure design. Webster McGrath & Ahlberg LTD has broad experience in various project types including commercial, educational, municipal, medical, industrial, residential, and park district sites.

Water Resources

  • Field surveys and analysis of existing terrain conditions

  • Hydrologic and hydraulic analysis

  • Water surface profile modeling

  • Flood duration and impact studies and reports

  • Final plans, estimates and specifications for stormwater management projects

  • FEMA floodplain map revisions

  • Expert witness testimony

  • Stormwater reviews

Site Development Services

  • Site planning

  • Zoning and special use applications

  • Final plans and specifications

  • Final Plans, estimates and specifications for sewer and pavement maintenance and reconstruction

  • Assistance in bidding and payout authorization

  • Expert witness testimony

Infrastructure Design

  • Water & sanitary design

  • Storm sewer design

  • Roadway design

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